Commercial Debt Collection

Financial Control Solutions is a collection agency specializing in Commercial Debt Collection in Wisconsin or anywhere in the world. We handle a wide variety of clients including manufacturing, wholesale distribution and the service industries.

Manufacturing & Distribution | Trucking

An experienced Collection Specialist is assigned to service your account. A free demand letter is sent to make a final attempt for payment from your customer. Realizing that Commercial debt tends to be more complicated than Consumer debt, FCS has an attorney on staff to allow us to be more aggressive in the collection activity we perform on your behalf–if and when it becomes necessary.

Our commercial fees are exceptionally competitive and all fees are contingent upon collection.

Free Initial Consultation with an Attorney

We offer an initial consultation with an attorney at no charge. Please call 800.769.6155 to schedule your consultation and to discuss how to receive premium rates based on age, volume and balance of account. FCS will deliver your best opportunity to recover bad debt and help you get your A/R under control!

FCS provides simple, one-stop service for both your commercial and consumer accounts. Each type of debt has a different impact on your organization – and they should be managed differently by your vendors.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you recover your commercial debts, or list your new accounts with us today by completing our online Account Listing form.

“When you need collection services, I prefer to use Financial Control Solutions. I consult to many types of businesses, and the staff at FCS is knowledgeable and aggressive but always professional. They don't act like the other agencies with whom we've dealt, and that's a good thing.”

Gregory Marx, President, Business Associates, Inc.


Account Recovery

How can I submit accounts for collection and what debtor information do I need?

You may submit accounts for collection via our website, email, regular mail, fax or if your volume is large enough, electronically to an FTP site (which we would help you set up.

The information required is AT LEAST the debtor name,  amount owed, the nature of the debt and the date the debt was incurred.  Most recent contact information for the debtor is requested, incl. address, phone number an SS #. If it’s a MEDICAL ACCOUNT, then guarantor information, if relevant, is required.

If I submit accounts electronically, are they secure?

Yes.  The electronic submission would be HIPAA compliant, which means that the encryption would meet normal applicable standards for confidentiality.

Do you have long term contracts?

No, we do not have long term contracts. You may terminate our relationship at any time.  We believe our performance should keep you… not a contract.

What percentage collection rate do you have?

Without trying to be evasive, the rate of collection is impossible to predict. There are national market norms (utility vs. cell phone vs. medical market etc.) but it is a only a gross estimate. Our collection “targets” are between 25% and 35%.  If you list one account and we collect it, the rate is 100%.  If we can’t locate the debtor and we fail to collect it, then it’s 0%.

What are my fees, and are they contingent upon collection?

Our collection fees are highly competitive and are contingent upon collection.

If the debtor is a consumer, the collection fee rates depend upon volume.  If the debtor is a business, the collection fees depend upon the face value of the accounts, and possibly volume.  Please call us to quote a rate.

Can I access accounts via the Web?

Yes, you can access your accounts via the web. We provide no-charge access and training. The system is very user friendly. We tend to grant access only to repeat-clients or when you list more than 5 accounts, but please call ClientCare to discuss further if you have questions.

Can you take payments via credit card or over the phone?

Yes.  We take credit card payments over the phone and via the web for both debtors and clients.

When will I receive statements?

You will receive statements within five (5) business days from the end of each month that monies are collected and posted.

Can you collect in Spanish?

Yes.  We can collect in Spanish, Hmong, German, French and other languages.  Please call if you have a specific need.

What if we want your agency to take a harder stance on an account?

We are definitely focused on complying with all collection laws.  We are direct, but always respectful, irrespective of how treated by the debtor.

Do you have automated dialing and call recording equipment for our protection?

Yes.  We utilize automated dialing for “less complicated” accounts, and have 24/7/365 call recording for our protection as well as  yours.

Do you report to credit bureaus and is there a charge?

We report to all 3 national credit bureaus at NO-CHARGE to you.