Trucking Collections

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FCS is a specialist in debt collection for the Trucking industry

We provide collection services to one of the top 20 trucking companies in the country, as well as small, local dryage companies.

Don’t throw in the towel yet! Persistence in collection is our forte…and required especially in Trucking since identifying the person or persons liable for monies owed you is critical! And what if one or the other is bankrupt or can’t be found? We still can’t give up!

The general rule is that the Carrier gets paid!

The three usual suspects are the:

  • Consignor (who shipped the goods);
  • Consignee (who received the goods); or/and
  • a broker/logistics bill-to third party

We understand the laws governing trucking.

Interstate trucking (involving Federal Statute Ch. 49) and state laws governing contracts and insurance can be complex. FCS is effective because we are knowledgeable, experienced and exceptionally persistent in collections in the trucking industry.

  • We track down the party that is liable for payment, and will bring suit against more than one party as is necessary to collect your funds.
  • We provide coverage throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, and may pursue offshore debtors as well.
  • Our fees are highly competitive. You are kept informed via web access to account information or personal contact with our agents.
  • We have an attorney on staff, and utilize counsel throughout our collection territory who are highly knowledgeable about trucking.
  • Our agreements are non-term and with an aggressive contingent fee structure for you.

Test Us

If you simply want to test our effectiveness, then give us accounts that are difficult to collect, just to see if we can do better. Client satisfaction is, above all else, our most important task. Contact us today to turn your delinquent trucking accounts over to FCS for collection.