“FCS helped us get our A/R down to a reasonable number. We would recommend to any practice that is having difficulty controlling their A/R to talk with you. FCS helped us at every step. Thank you!”

Kathy N., Practice Manager, Affiliated Dermatologists

RecoveryAssist™ Gets Your Accounts Receivables Under Control

RecoveryAssist™ is a proactive service provided by Financial Control Solutions. It provides no-charge labor to help you get your A/R under control and establish a structured billing process going forward.

The Process

  • We will help you audit your A/R
  • Identify customers/patients that are delinquent
  • Ensure that these customers have received statements
  • … and then send a “Bridge Letter”.

After the “Bridge Letter” has been sent, payment-in-full or payment arrangements will have been made. Or, the accounts will be placed into collection, moving you one step closer to recovering the bad debt and turning your losses into profits!

The Bridge Letter is truly unique and innovative, and acts as a “bridge” from billing-to-3rd-party collection. Just one more technique in the toolbox of the experienced management team at FCS.

Click here to read an article on a real-life client who used RecoveryAssist™.

Our Goal

The goal of RecoveryAssist is to eliminate aging over 120 days, and reduce aging over 90 days to no more than 20% of the value of the A/R value.  The targets may change depending upon your business or industry.

Note: NO FEES ARE CHARGED on all monies paid to you by your customers/patients before they go into collection. And there is NO CHARGE for the labor contributed! We simply ask you to join our Client Family and let us be your agency. That’s it!

If you are like our other clients who have utilized this service, we promise that you will be surprised, maybe even amazed at the result. The impact on cash flow will be significant if not dramatic!

Ongoing Proof of Effectiveness

During the process, we give you a Report Card (pdf) (download the excel spreadsheet here) to verify the success of the program.

“We reduced our over 120-day accounts from 700 to 150, and from $400,000 to $150,000, all in about 4-5 months. FCS gave us a system that worked. We had the discipline. FCS gave us the direction. Thank you... Thank you!”

Rhonda Davis, Office Mgr., Mokena Family Physicians



How do you help us control our A/R?

We help you control your A/R by (1) agreeing upon targeted A/R goals (2) auditing you’re A/R, (3) sending (at our expense) a “Bridge Letter” to all targeted customers/patients/clients, that create a “bridge” to collections, (4) placing agreed-upon debtors into collections, (5) all on a structured, methodical basis, to help you clean-up your A/R and A/R procedures. Our system, your discipline!

What results can we expect?

To “get the phones going,” to increase cash to your office, and build a system in order to reign in your bad A/R.

What is the cost for consulting?

$0. Yes that’s right, $0 – You pay costs of postage. That’s it to implement the system. Standard costs of collection apply, just as they normally would. No gimmicks. No tricks. Just ask our clients!!!

What markets do you serve?

Any business that wants to improve cash flow through better A/R management. It’s that simple.