Medical and Consumer Collections

The differences between collecting from a person versus a business can’t be ignored.

When it comes to your medical practice, we are problem solvers first, collectors second. We understand the challenges of the front desk sorting through the maze of regulations, multiple layers of insurance, guarantor, probate and bankruptcy issues that confront any modern medical office, of any size. We are specialists in medical collections.

It is absolutely necessary to keep your patients current and paying on time. It is even more important to recognize when you need to outsource collections. Our team of collection specialists follow best practice collection techniques, using state-of-the-art technology and providing unyielding client support. We offer a full line of receivables management solutions.

All fees are contingent upon collection. We collect amounts as low as $20.00.

How do we support you in medical debt collection?

  • No long-term contracts
  • Automated dialing, and 24/7/365 call recording & archiving
  • On-staff Attorney
  • Advance legal fees in non-contested cases
  • Spanish speaking agents and other bilingual support
  • Web access to accounts
  • Toll-free access
  • Collections coverage on nights and weekends
  • Acceptance of check and credit card payments over the phone and web site
  • Free accounts receivables management training and seminars for small or large groups
  • Letter Only Program
  • Note for medical practices: we will resubmit HCFA for you!

Our medical collection agents are certified under ACA International guidelines and undergo extensive testing to underscore our emphasis on regulatory control as well as collection performance.

We maintain compliance programs including Red Flag Rules, HIPAA, PCI, Graham Leach Bliley, and FCRA.

Our written notices are reviewed by ACA International authorized outside counsel. We are properly licensed and bonded in every state in which FCS conducts collection activity and can collect throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you recover debts from an individual. List your new accounts with us today by completing our online Account Listing form.

“We reduced our over 120-day accounts from 700 to 150, and from $400,000 to $150,000, all in about 4-5 months. FCS gave us a system that worked. We had the discipline. FCS gave us the direction. Thank you ...Thank you!”

Rhonda Davis, Office Mgr., Mokena Family Physicians

“The team at FCS is very knowledgeable about debt collection and easy to work with.
They do what they say they will and they do it well.
FCS is established agency with an efficient, competent staff
and it shows in the way they service our collection needs.
We have been working with the same team for many years
and their experience makes all the difference.”

Nanci B, Patient Services Rep., The Surgery Center, LLC

“Not getting paid was a problem for our company. FCS took over the responsibility
of collecting our clients’ outstanding debts
and turned the situation around. Their fast service and friendly staff make them easy to work with,
and the cost is low. They are a great company to have on your side.”

Dawn Krause, Office Manager, Aalto Enhancement Center

“FCS has significantly improved our collection rates of 120 days+ outstanding accounts receivable. We needed a pro-active advocate to reduce our delinquent accounts receivable without unduly alienating our customer base, and they excel in this role. They are able to combine assertive collection action early in the process with compassionate, effective collection techniques. They integrate almost seamlessly with our office staff and produce noteworthy results.”

Linda Semenak, Medical Billing Manager, Milwaukee Obstetrics & Gynecology S.C.

“We have been extremely pleased with our choice to use FCS for our patient billing and collections.
Suzanne went above and beyond to get our accounts receivable in order. She spent countless hours to straighten things out. Our collections have improved considerably, and the patient billing has become extremely easy. I would strongly recommend using FCS—
they have definitely straightened out our business.”

Peter R. Raether, D.C., Owner Tree of Life Chiropractic Wellness Center

“FCS has been The Surgery Center’s go-to collection agency since 2006.
They consistently make our jobs easier and take away our collection headaches! The FCS team is an excellent resource for collection practices and procedures. Their training has helped our staff identify delinquent patients and when to turn them over to collection. This has made a significant difference in our ability to collect bad debt.”

Lori C, Business Office Manager, The Surgery Center, LLC

“The FCS Client Care Account Access website makes it easy to update client accounts. The website allows us to log into a secure site to post new accounts, see account status, and post payments. It’s extremely helpful and allows us to be more efficient.”

Jason G, Patient Services Rep., The Surgery Center, LLC


Account Recovery

How can I submit accounts for collection and what debtor information do I need?

You may submit accounts for collection via our website, email, regular mail, fax or if your volume is large enough, electronically to an FTP site (which we would help you set up.

The information required is AT LEAST the debtor name,  amount owed, the nature of the debt and the date the debt was incurred.  Most recent contact information for the debtor is requested, incl. address, phone number an SS #. If it’s a MEDICAL ACCOUNT, then guarantor information, if relevant, is required.

If I submit accounts electronically, are they secure?

Yes.  The electronic submission would be HIPAA compliant, which means that the encryption would meet normal applicable standards for confidentiality.

Do you have long term contracts?

No, we do not have long term contracts. You may terminate our relationship at any time.  We believe our performance should keep you… not a contract.

What percentage collection rate do you have?

Without trying to be evasive, the rate of collection is impossible to predict. There are national market norms (utility vs. cell phone vs. medical market etc.) but it is a only a gross estimate. Our collection “targets” are between 25% and 35%.  If you list one account and we collect it, the rate is 100%.  If we can’t locate the debtor and we fail to collect it, then it’s 0%.

What are my fees, and are they contingent upon collection?

Our collection fees are highly competitive and are contingent upon collection.

If the debtor is a consumer, the collection fee rates depend upon volume.  If the debtor is a business, the collection fees depend upon the face value of the accounts, and possibly volume.  Please call us to quote a rate.

Can I access accounts via the Web?

Yes, you can access your accounts via the web. We provide no-charge access and training. The system is very user friendly. We tend to grant access only to repeat-clients or when you list more than 5 accounts, but please call ClientCare to discuss further if you have questions.

Can you take payments via credit card or over the phone?

Yes.  We take credit card payments over the phone and via the web for both debtors and clients.

When will I receive statements?

You will receive statements within five (5) business days from the end of each month that monies are collected and posted.

Can you collect in Spanish?

Yes.  We can collect in Spanish, Hmong, German, French and other languages.  Please call if you have a specific need.

What if we want your agency to take a harder stance on an account?

We are definitely focused on complying with all collection laws.  We are direct, but always respectful, irrespective of how treated by the debtor.

Do you have automated dialing and call recording equipment for our protection?

Yes.  We utilize automated dialing for “less complicated” accounts, and have 24/7/365 call recording for our protection as well as  yours.

Do you report to credit bureaus and is there a charge?

We report to all 3 national credit bureaus at NO-CHARGE to you.