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FCS Provides Accounts Receivable Management Solutions for Your Business

Financial Control Solutions (FCS) specializes in comprehensive Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management solutions. We are located in Germantown, Wisconsin in metropolitan Milwaukee and have been in business since 1973.

FCS is dedicated to improving your bottom line by providing an inexpensive and efficient alternatives to receivables management. FCS provides:

We are able to leverage our pricing power to reduce your fees for each of these services, while providing excellent support and performance.

We are committed to regulatory and quality control in no matter what we do. We provide superb client-centered responsiveness, and offer excellent testimonials across multiple industries, including, utility, cable, medical, financial, property management, manufacturing, and general commercial.

It is after all, ALWAYS about the delivery of Quality Service. Period!

Frank Nuck, President


Frank Nuck, J.D. President

Frank Nuck provides over 25 years of successful executive-level experience, as president, vice president and corporate counsel in manufacturing and service industries. Frank has a BA in psychology, graduate work in I/O Psychology, and a corporate-oriented JD degree from William Mitchell College of Law. Frank is licensed and in good standing with the State Bar of Wisconsin.

During Frank’s tenure, the company doubled in size and added additional services to improve cash flow for our clients.

Frank has also authored articles published in multiple industries, including articles on electronic check payment processing, remote deposit checking, and Red Flag rules.

The VP of Sales

Suzanne Gizella provides over 40 years of unique receivables management experience from both a management and consultative perspective.

Over an 11-year period ending in 1971, Suzanne managed cash-control issues facing medical practices while employed with Medical Practice of Milwaukee. She then applied her expertise to receivables management as Manager of GE Medical Services, where she was promoted to President in 1978.

During the last 22+ years, Suzanne has enjoyed a successful tenure with FCS, in large part through application of RecoveryAssist™ whereby she consults with businesses and medical practices to better control receivables. Suzanne’s skill at facilitating the control of A/R is documented in an article in MD News, “An Innovative Approach to Ensuring Profitability.”

The Operations Manager

Paulette Simon offers over 33 successful years of experience in the third party collections industry, most of which time was spent as a supervisor or operations manager. Her department boasts an unheard of rate of under 5% voluntary turnover, largely because of the company culture and employee development she supports and fosters. Because FCS supports multiple services, all of which requiring IT expertise, Paulette excels in support of both a project-oriented, technical environment, as well as the day-to-day employment challenges of a growing organization.

Paulette approaches management as a no-nonsense, goal-oriented role to facilitate both employee development and betterment of the organization. She is uniquely qualified to support an organization that is obsessive about Client Care through responsive, detail-oriented and smart performance.

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Falls Collection Service, Inc., d/b/a/ Financial Control Solutions (FCS) does not collect any personal data on persons visiting this website. If you choose to contact us through e-mail or by submitting forms through US Mail, the information you provide will only be used by FCS to support services you receive from FCS. Your information will then be stored by FCS, deleted from the Web site and will not be given or sold to any other companies or individuals.