Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Collections

Understanding the manufacturing and distribution processes helps us look for and understand where liabilities lies and how to go about proving the debtor is responsible for your debt.

FCS staff understands the manufacturing through shipping cycle

manufacturing_400pxWe understand that if the debtor claims that the products or services delivered were not as contracted for, we know where to look.  Some of our staff have direct executive manufacturing experience, and understand design through prototyping, first run through production, freight handling, and insurance through transit responsibilities upon shipment.

We are able to work manufacturing and distribution accounts more aggressively than agencies or even law firms who do not understand the operations involved, which means that fewer cases should be submitted to counsel, thereby reducing your costs. We understand the difference between potential damages for custom vs stocked-inventory jobs and differences between GO’s and partial releases.

Manufacturing and distribution debt is, on average, higher and more complex than warehouse_400pxconsumer debt…which is why having an attorney on staff reduces cost and can shorten the collection cycle. FCS is simply more knowledgeable and can be more aggressive collecting this this category of bad debt.

You performed the work, incurred the costs, and you should get paid for it.  Call us and ask for an initial discussion with our in-house counsel for no-charge, just to test the waters if you have any doubts about submitting your account for collections!

Contact FCS today. Don’t think about it any longer. Billers are not collection agencies.  Let a collection agency do the job for you!