Remote Deposit Checking

“Implementing remote deposit made a drastic change to our first five to ten days of the month. Before we were driving or sending overnight packages to multiple banks. Now we save time and money using the remote deposit system.”

Don Schuman, NAI Hiffman

(A 30 day trial is available. Just call for details)
Remote Deposit Checking (iStream Imaging™) allows you to deposit your checks electronically without the hassle, cost and liability of going to your bank, and allows you to centralize banking activity. Get rid of the paper! Eliminate the bank runs! Import data into Excel to improve info processing.

iStream™ is a leading innovator of Remote Deposit Capture (“RDC”) technology, providing an extremely flexible and user-friendly RDC solution that would allow your company to remotely deposit the gamut of check items (personal, commercial, money orders, etc.) into any of its banks via the “Check 21” infrastructure.

It is true plug & play solution, based upon an ASP model, there is no software to purchase or certification needed.

Banking advantages include:

  • Electronically imaged checks clear within 24-48 banking hours
  • Funds from scanned checks arrive in the depository bank electronically, thereby reducing or eliminating bank-check processing charges
  • Expedited collection times resulting in fewer delinquencies and accelerated use of funds

Efficient for your business:

  • Greatly reduced time spent on deposit preparation and trips to the bank
  • Go Paperless! Archiving & storage of check images can labor and other costs associated with filing, copying, storage – both handling and fixed
  • Data from scanned checks can be used to populate accounting software and allows you to access data, along with check information and export data for reporting or accounting purposes
  • Real-time access to check history and check imaging, thereby enhancing client service and reducing internal labor costs

iStream™ advantages include:

  • Grayscale rather than bi-tonal (black & white) scanning reduces likelihood of errors
  • Audit verification by iStream™ (not you!)
  • Archiving of images, front and back (eliminate paper storage)
  • The software can be used remotely to deposit into any banking system or branch

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“It (iStream Deposit) allowed us to save about $500 per month from our bank's increasing lockbox fees.”

James Knepler, Office Copying Equipment LTD

“Our customers just love the product and our back office personnel at Landmark feel the same way. The equipment is reliable, your service is first rate and we are convinced that selecting your product was the best decision we could have made.”

Daniel R. Nulton, Landmark Community Bank


Remote-Deposit Checking (RDC)

Why do we want to deposit checks in-house?

A number of reasons. To eliminate managing/handling/storing/getting-up-to-access paper checks (just shred ‘em when through) OR to re-allocate employees’ time who would normally write deposit slips, run/audit totals, and go to the bank. OR to eliminate trips to the bank and potential liability for that activity. OR to create additional reports by importing the checking deposit data to help analyze customer/client/patient payment behavior. OR to eliminate the hassles of managing multiple banks for checking deposit purposes!

What is the cost?

It’s solely based upon volume, though usually about 15¢/check. We do a no-charge management analysis to help figure out your savings!

Why are you better than our bank?

Because their solution will be tied to their bank (if you change banks, you will probably have to change scanning systems), and we may be cheaper even if only 1 bank is involved.

What if we use multiple banks?

That is where we shine. Let’s say you’re a property management company or a billing service that uses multiple banks. Then you get to centralize check deposits at your location.

Can we import the scanned check-data?

Yes. And then you can create reports to help manage customer/client/patient payment behavior.

How easy is the system to implement?

Extremely easy! iStream is a very user friendly system that provides excellent support and reporting. Our clients can provide superb testimonials!

What if we like the idea, but we’re just not sure it will work?

Then JUST TRY IT FOR 30 DAYS! We can install the system and let you try it. We will only charge you for the checks you deposit

How fast is the scanning?

Our scanners can scan one at a time or in a batch at about 75 checks/minute!