Statements & Invoicing

“I just wanted to thank your staff for their responsiveness in getting us up and running with EZ Statements. The transition was extremely smooth and on schedule. Great job, and thanks.”

Tracy Wright, Billing Mgr., Knueppel-Healthcare Services

EZ Statements™, our statements & invoicing solution, allows you to re-allocate your personnel more efficiently and help cut expenses. Our reporting is easy to understand & informative. You will always know who receives Statements and who should be in collections.


EZ Statements ™ Do what you do best and leave the rest to us. To get started is as easy as 1, 2, 3, Find out how!


Take the hassle out of managing billing statements and 3rd-party debt collections!

  • Inexpensive
  • Put your staff to better use & keep costs down!
  • Ensure that your customers/patients/clients receive their statements
  • We are also licensed to collect your delinquent accounts
  • Protect and increase your cash flow…now!

EZ Statements™ eliminates your mailing chores in a safe & secure fashion.

  • SECURE In-bound and out-bound file transfers are securely encrypted using 1024-bit SSL and digitally signed Java applet.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE We even bar-code your statements which reduces mailing costs, as well as providing no frills, yet professional appearing documentation.
  • USER-FRIENDLY A/R REPORTING – via PAPER AND WEB We provide back-up reporting to confirm our mailing activity as well as web access to help you manage your account.
  • 3rd-PARTY DEBT COLLECTIONS Statement information is pre-formatted for approval and submission for licensed 3rd-party collections – we have 40 years experience in collecting medical debt!

EZ Statements™ offers:

  • Customized Statements
  • Automated state-compliance verbiage
  • Secure file transfer system
  • Letter-history archiving
  • Duplicate letter and file detection
  • State and zip code blocking
  • Client-file reconciliation
  • Data support for most file formats
  • Customized COA reports
  • Encrypted email service
  • The ability to take patient payments via credit and debit cards on a landing page custom built for you


EZ Statements

What is the cost?

Generally, between 59¢ and 77¢ per statement. EZ Statements is geared toward low cost production, and ease of setup. So we recommend black and white statements and 1 page statements if at all possible, NOTE: we provide aggressive pricing in part because FCS has processed 15k – 20k statements per month, and we leverage our volume with yours to get you discounted pricing!

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Both transmission and operations are HIPAA compliant

Why would we outsource statements/invoices?

Clients using EZ Statements will have the oppurtunity to re-allocate staff, eliminate the hassle of mailing and keeping track of statementing and collections. The decision to outsource is mostly a management decision. However, our reports provide excellent tracking of who received 1st, 2nd and subsequent statements, and who should be referred to collection, and may do a much better job than your billing software!

What statement format should we use?

We can use your existing format, or recommend a new format depending upon how much info you want your patients to have. We can provide the least expensive solution, or one that you simply prefer.

What file-formats can you receive via the WEB?

XML, TXT, Comma-delimited, or PDF formats are most frequently used, though we are willing to try others upon your request.

How do your reports help us manage our business/practice?

The reports tell you which customers/patients/clients have not paid on a prior statement… which allows us and you to tell who should receive a subsequent statement, and, or who should be recommended for collections. It’s that simple, but it gives you terrific control over knowing what to do!

How easy is it to get up-and-running?

Simple. 1st, we determine the likely file format that you can transmit. 2nd, you approve a statement format, and 3rd, we test a handful of accounts. If the test is successful, then we go live.