Other Markets Served

otherA history of over 40 years collecting consumer and B-2-B debt provides FCS with experience and success in managing a wide array of market debt. Our current clients have sought our help in these areas:


  • Familiarity with moratoriums
  • Tracking debtors when no longer in serviced property
  • Impact of PUC’s
  • Collecting for large public utilities as well as co-ops

Student loans (primarily non-federally funded debt)

  • Secondary schools and trade schools, public and private
  • Tuition, expenses, direct subsidized and non-subsidized loans

Property Management

  • Rent, damages, security deposits, reimbursement of storage/bonds/legal fees, and having to typically track down the tenant-debtor


  • Secured, unsecured and signature loans; mortgage notes; SBA notes
  • Negative compensating balance issues
  • Repossession


  • Mechanic and construction liens

Retail Operations

  • Not sufficient funds (NSF) and other uncollectible funds

Organizational/Club Dues and Fees

  • Recurring and non-recurring fees and obligations

Please keep in mind that we have an attorney on staff who can often expedite collection of debt across a wide range of objections posed by your debtors.

FCS will advance legal fees in non-contested consumer cases, can work cases throughout North America, provide user-friendly/no-charge web access to your accounts and maintain 24/7 call recording for your protection as well as ours. References in any of the above markets are available.

Put FCS To the Collection Test

Send us the debt which you haven’t been able to collect by other agencies or attorneys. We will painlessly show you how well FCS can do in collecting your bad debt…when others cannot.

“We supply CRM and billing services to utility, property management and governmental authorities, and I was a senior executive for a receivables management firm for many years. My staff truly enjoys working with FCS. They are exceptionally responsive and effective. They should be an organizational model for the collection industry.”

Michael Shuba, President, Opus21 Business Solutions